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James Moore Yellowbelly
James Moore Yellowbelly
James Moore Yellowbelly
James Moore Yellowbelly
Headshots by YellowBelly
Commercial Reel 2022James Robert Moore
00:00 / 02:12
Audiobook Reel 2022James Robert Moore
00:00 / 02:13


The Phone Man/US Billy/Mr Boo in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright
(Director: Bronagh Lagan, NO. 1 UK Tour, 2022)
Riley in All That by Shaun Kitchener
(Director: Jamie Rose Monk, Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 2017) 
Lord Arthur in Fanny & Stella: The Shocking True Story by Glen Chandler
(Director: Steven Dexter, Above The Stag, 2015)
Eric in Privates on Parade by Peter Nichols
(Director: Stewart Burrows, Greenwich Theatre & Manor Pavilion Theatre, 2014)
Hugo in Before The Night Is Through by Chris Whitehead & Olivia Thompson
(Director: Rob McWhir, Landor Theatre, 2014)
Billy in Expectations by Alexi Kaye Campbell
(Director: Bronagh Lagan, Arcola Theatre, 2014)
Peewee in Meet Me In St Louis by Patrick Quentin
(Director: Rob McWhir, Landor Theatre, 2013)
Michael in The Road To Qatar! by Stephen Cole and David Krane
(Director: Kate Golledge, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2013)


Short Film - Hotel Noir (Director: Sky Zhou, 2018)
Short Film - Shut Eye (Director: Lauren Cooney, 2016)
Video Game- Fable: Legends (Director: David Eckleberry for Lionsgate/Microsoft, 2015)
 Corporate - HMRC Training Video (Director: Frank Butler, 2015)
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