James' debut full-length play POSTERBOY based on the autobiography OUT IN THE ARMY by James Wharton, won the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation's LGBTQI+ playwright award in November 2017.
Currently in development:
(A Novel)
Living in London when you're part of the LGBTQ+ community and nearly thirty can be terrifying - this ever-changing, looks orientated minefield of unofficial rules is almost impossible to navigate. Newly single Charlie causes carnage and destruction as he blossoms from ugly duckling to...well, a slightly more confident ugly duckling to be honest - juggling awkward dates with terrible Grindr hookups. His best friend Niamh wants somebody, anybody to understand what it means to be pansexual, and far away from the home-owning, baby-booming peers she grew up with. Their friend Reuben wants his traditional Indian family to accept his recent engagement to his partner Steven, whilst Dylan wants to know why he’s always the single one. As Charlie’s comfortable life crumbles around him, we delve into the groups eclectic world of disappointment, shame and spending money they don’t have on brunches, whilst they try to banish the voices in their head saying they’re just Not Good Enough.
(working title)
(A Play)
THIRST DATES is the story of a boy who just wants a date. A date that doesn’t end in ghosting, stalking or being stuck somewhere in Zone 6 sharing a bed with a stranger who has extremely flaky skin. In 2018 as gender and identity become more complex so does finding love. How does a super liberal social justice warrior date? This one-person solo show/interactive dating experience will ask audience members to think about and share their best and worst dating stories under the guidance of their host for the evening, as we retrace dating traumas that at the time were just a funny anecdote, but now hold something more crucial to our emotional development. THIRST DATES is a celebration of finding the one but finding yourself along the way.
James' short play SEX & PYJAMAS was published in an anthology entitled BRIEFS by West Avenue Theatre Company in 2016.
James was shortlisted for the inaugural Old Vic 12 in 2016.